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Free For All, Best of 2012 (Milkit Radio)

November 20th, 2012

Maybe it's because of my day job, but I'm regularly asked what music I'm listening to. For some reason I have trouble answering that question, because I'm always listening to music, but I think people want a specific answer, as in what new music am I listening to.

Whenever I'm asked this question, I should just tell the person to wait until the end of the year, when I've had time to compile my yearly best-of-playlist.


Being birthed out of a college radio show, the Free For All has gone from tape to CD to podcast format. Looking back, it's funny to think how I used to bust my hump just to dub 30 copies and homemade liner notes for my friends, and how easy it is now to share music with an audience that's limitless.

You may not like all of my song selections, but if you fall in love with at lease one, that's good enough for me.